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Caring For Braces on Vacation

posted on 7-27-18
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Don’t worry, you can travel with braces! Many patients are concerned when going on vacation with orthodontic appliance, but as long as you plan ahead, and remain aware of the foods that you eat while traveling, then you will have... More

Orthodontic Options for Adults

posted on 7-20-18
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It may seem like orthodontic treatment is just a young person’s game, but that simply isn’t true. Orthodontic treatment has many benefits for individuals at any age and stage of life. Most obvious is the aesthetic benefit of having straight... More

Top 6 Health Benefits of Smiling

posted on 5-16-18
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As orthodontists, we care deeply about your smile about your health. You may know the benefits of good orthodontic health, but did you know that the act of smiling itself can have many health benefits? These health benefits are just... More

What is a mouthguard and why do I need one?

posted on 5-9-18
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It is important to protect your face and mouth at all times, especially during the spring, when several high-impact sports are in full swing, and when you and your family are preparing for a summer full of activity. Since now... More

Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

posted on 4-17-18
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Teeth straightening and jaw alignment efforts by orthodontic specialists are so much more than cosmetic. Orthodontic care can improve many areas of general health, not to mention the possible significant improvements to your oral health in the following ways: 1.... More

How to Tell if You Need Braces

posted on 4-13-18
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As you read this, approximately 4 million people in the United States are wearing orthodontic appliances. With orthodontic treatment becoming increasingly commonplace, more and more people are asking the question, “Do I Need Braces?” It’s a question here to help... More