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Resolutions for a confidence boost

posted on 1-16-19

As we enter a new year, we want to encourage our community to use this time to build themselves and each other up.

All of us can benefit from a healthy dose of self-confidence, and there are many ways we can work on enhancing our self-esteem to feel good about ourselves.

Here is a list of a few topics for resolutions you can work on to boost your own confidence and the confidence of those around you.

Brighten up

Positivity can be a huge confidence booster for you and for others.

  • Try reflecting on times that you’ve felt confident and successful. Recognizing these times of empowerment and trying to replicate these feelings in your life can lead to increased confidence in the future, according to a study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.
  • Another option is to try to kick the negative self-talk habit. We are our own worst critics, and often do the worst damage to our self-confidence. Try to cut off the negative thoughts by thinking “Stop,” every time one arises. Then replace it with a positive thought, something like, “I am fantastic.”
  • Do something to make someone else smile. Being complementary to those around us can help to turn someone’s day around. Commit to doing one nice thing for someone else each day, and it can bring you a whole new outlook on life. Here are some ideas to help you get started: Send a note of thanks to a friend or family member, pay for the person behind you at your local coffee shop, or join a local volunteer group on Facebook and spend time serving your community.

Clear up

Clear things up in your mind, and in your life. Take some time to simplify your calendar, and spend time clearing your mind.

  • Take some time for yourself. Clear your calendar and make some me-time. Self-care is an important part of making sure you’re at the top of your game and can help you rejuvenate. Having some downtime can help you be your best self when you get back to your regular tasks.
  • Dedicate time to mindfulness. The practice of meditation another proven way to boost confidence. The key to meditation is focusing on being present, ignoring distractions, and just being at one with yourself. Try taking 5-10 minutes to focus on nothing more than just your breath and your senses. It will help you train your brain to focus in on the present moment, which helps create a natural sense of self-confidence by reducing wandering thoughts.

Straighten up

Straightening up things in your life can also boost to your mental health and confidence.

  • Tidy up. Organize your space to help yourself feel more comfortable, and give yourself the motivation to get things done. Not to mention, it will also help you to feel more confident if you happen to have unexpected guests.
  • Work on establishing good posture. Having good posture can make you feel sure of yourself according to various studies. So sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and enjoy a boost in mood and self-assuredness.
  • Don’t forget your smile. There are so many options for orthodontic treatment, from traditional braces to clear aligners, and a great smile can provide a wonderful boost to one’s confidence. Not to mention that straight teeth are healthy teeth. Having straight teeth makes it easier to care for your oral health, aligns your jaw, and can work to prevent other health issues, such as TMJ and breathing problems in the future.

If you’re ready to discuss orthodontic treatment, find a local Utah Association of Orthodontists member near you by using the Orthodontist Finder at the top of this page.

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