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Stick to a Specialist: Five Reasons Why You Should Avoid At-Home Aligner Kits

posted on 8-15-18

We all want to have beautiful, healthy, straight teeth. While it may seem tempting to try at-home aligner kits, you could end up harming your health and your wallet by doing it yourself. Visiting an orthodontist for a consultation – which is often free – can set you on a path to a gorgeous smile for life. Here are five reasons to avoid at-home aligner kits:

1. Not all problems are being addressed

Only a trained specialist can spot the underlying issues that affect your teeth. A proper diagnosis and assessment of your overall oral health should be completed prior to any treatment. At-home aligners skip this important first step. They only focus on moving your teeth, and ignore important issues you may have with your bite or jaw. This can create more problems down the road, which could be more difficult and expensive to fix

2. The movement of teeth is complicated

More goes into correcting your teeth than you might think. This medical procedure should always start with a thorough examination by an orthodontist. Merely moving a tooth less than a millimeter can impact the overall function and comfort of your bite. Without the supervision of a trained orthodontic professional, you risk permanent damage to your teeth and joints.

3. Your teeth are part of a complex system

Just as the rest of your body works in systems—digestive, circulatory, and nervous,–so do your teeth. Your gum tissue, bone, and Temporomandibular joint (your jaw joint) are all part of a complex system, and must be considered when establishing your treatment plan. An orthodontic specialist takes the time to examine your entire oral cavity along with parts of your head and neck. They take and evaluate x-rays of your teeth, bite, and jaw before creating a personalized treatment plan. This process is only possible by visiting an orthodontic specialist, and it is crucial to ensure that more damage isn’t being made during your alignment journey.

4. Treatment monitoring

Everybody’s smile is unique, and teeth will move unexpectedly and at their own time. This means every treatment will require monitoring and adjustments. By having an orthodontist closely monitor your treatment, you will be able to ensure a more effective and speedy journey to alignment. Only a specialist will be able to spot minor issues, and adjust your treatment plan to ensure a happy, healthy smile in the end.

5. Potentially more expensive

At-home aligner kits are often promoted as cheaper alternatives to visiting an orthodontic specialist. This may not actually be true. At-home aligner kits have the potential to cost more in the long run, because they could cause life-long dental problems. In fact, 13 percent of AAO member orthodontists are currently treating patients to repair damages that were made by at-home aligner kits.

Your orthodontic health is too important to leave in the hands of just anyone, especially a mail-order kit. Trust an orthodontist when it comes to the beauty and overall health of your smile. Contact an orthodontic expert today for a consultation, and to find a treatment plan that is right for you.

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