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Five Simple Tips to Remember Your Retainer

posted on 8-2-18

Post-treatment retainers take many forms, from permanent fixtures to removable retainers, but they all play a critical role in keeping your teeth and jaw in perfect alignment. Without retainers, your teeth can naturally shift from their corrected positions after treatment. That is why it is so important for you to remember to consistently wear your retainer. Here are five simple tips to make sure you don’t forget!

Create a consistent nightly routine

As retainers generally are worn at night, having a regular and effective night time routine will help you to remember your retainer. Just add ‘put in my retainer’ to the end of your nightly oral hygiene routine.

Put a note on your mirror

Place a note on your mirror or somewhere else that you are sure to notice it, like on a dresser, by your toothbrush, or even on your computer.  This visual cue will help you remember to wear your retainer.

Set a reminder on your phone

If you don’t think that a sticky note will help, then set a reminder on your phone. The sound and vibration are sometimes more attention-grabbing.

Keep your retainer somewhere easy to find

Keep your retainer in its case and in one location. Each time you remove your retainer, you should clean it and put it back into its case. Then keep the case in one spot, whether it be your bathroom counter, purse, or nightstand.

Ask for help

If nothing seems to be helping, don’t be afraid to reach out to your support group. Ask a family member, roommate, or friend to remind you about your retainer. These people care about you and your health, so they will be willing to help!

Don’t forget, your orthodontist will be happy to help you too. Ask your local UAO member orthodontist for some tips the next time you visit!

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