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Utah Association of Orthodontists announces One Life, One Smile partnership with Educated Refugee Foundation

posted on 3-23-17

December 14, 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT — The Utah Association of Orthodontists (UAO) is pleased l to announce One Life, One Smile in partnership with the Educated Refugee Foundation (ERF). Based in Utah, the Educated Refugee Foundation provides a future through education for children and adults living in refugee camps around the world.

UAO is excited to collaborate with Educated Refugee Foundation in their efforts to provide training and education through Jesuit Refugee Services. While recognizing that they can’t change the whole world, Educated Refugee Foundation feels that by uniting as a community to provide education for refugees, we can change one life, one family, and one community, one smile at a time.

“UAO is thrilled to be able to partner with such an amazing organization like the Educated Refugee Foundation,” Dr. Steven Arnold, President of the Utah Association of Orthodontists. “As orthodontic specialists, we provide smiles to our patients every day, and through this effort, we can spread those smiles even further. The ERF is providing real change for refugees and an opportunity for a career that can truly make a difference in their life. We’re excited to spread smiles around the world through educational opportunities.”

“We are so grateful to the UAO for partnering with our organization this holiday season to help raise funds for scholarships and schools in Chad,” said Katie Pearce, Co-Founder of the Educated Refugee Foundation. “After welcoming a refugee from Africa into our family, we saw how her life was impacted by the chance to attend school and find hope for a bright future. We look forward to providing a similar opportunity for a hopeful future to those still suffering in refugee camps around the world.”

To donate, any patient can visit and contribute any amount they wish to the cause. One Life, One Smile will run through January 31st.




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About Educated Refugee Foundation

There are over 21 million refugees in the world and only 1% are given the opportunity to attend any post-secondary schooling.  Because of this and other complicated factors, many refugees have little chance of overcoming the heavy burden of severe poverty. The mission of Educated Refugee Foundation is to allow refugees the chance for a future in their native region by funding educational programs.   Its goal is to break the cycle of self-entitlement and in its place, enable self-reliance.

This year Educated Refugee Foundation is providing funds for two specific programs in refugee camps in Chad to build schools and provide certification for teachers under the Chadian government.

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